CSCS at the Assodonna conference presented the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program: an opportunity for Italian female entrepreneurs

Valentina De Vico - CSCS Project Manager was invited to be keynote speaker at the Assodonna conference on March 25, 2021, where she presented the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program, a valuable opportunity offered to young entrepreneurs to spend a period of time in selected countries abroad and being hosted by an experienced entrepreneur within a dynamic business environment. Follwing up the Assodonna conference, a second event will be hosted on May 27, focused on the technicalities of the program (we will illustrate who can apply, how to manage the application and the whole process until the very end).

Following are the other topics that were addressed during the conference:

Teresa Valerio: President of AssoDonna
She opened the event with a brief historical overview of the last decades starting from the 1960s. She explained briefly the activities carried out by the various national bodies to promote the culture of gender equality, on the work carried out by Assodonna and on the most important projects implemented.
3 challenges for women to achieve complete gender equality were presented: taking the field and facing the electoral competition to get to the decision-making places; giving power a new meaning and adding value to it, as well as giving new value to the meaning of "care" and removing it from the role of Cinderella of society; creating a European business model that leads to a more equitable economic and social development and that differs from that of Silicon Valley aimed at extreme productivity.

Lorenza Morandini:
Managing Director of Angels4Women
She talked about the new opportunity that innovative startups have to receive funds from Business Angels, mentioning the main selection criteria. Interesting topic that he will deepen during a webinar scheduled for June 10, together with Chiara Marconi, founder of Chitè.

Massimo Calzoni: Invitalia Professional Master
He presented various initiatives and calls for female businesses and startups. He also highlighted the importance of the team in a startup rather than the starting idea: good ideas need a great team!

Caterina Siclari: Accountant and business consultant.
She provided excellent advice and insights on how to create a solid business plan. Issue that she too will deepen in the follow-up webinar accompanied by the testimony of Irene Simone, founder of ZeroImpack.

Giulia Bezzi: CEO & Founder of Seo Spirito.
She dealt with the theme of digital: how to network on social networks and how to better manage your business using online channels. This proves to be a crucial issue for the success of your company.

Laura Gori: Way2Global CEO & Founder
Starting from her personal history and a moment of great despair, she told us how she was able to reinvent himself thanks to her Benefit Company, a hybrid between a non-profit association and a traditional company. To find out more, you can participate in the webinar to be held on May 13, also with the presence of Anna Cogo.

Giovanna D’addamio: Senior Project Advisor of EASME
She listed new initiatives for small and medium-sized enterprises, made available by EASME (European Agency for SMEs): internalization, creative enterprises, support for the idea and many others on the official website.

Veronica Bisci: Marketing & Event Manager Italy and Spain Amazon logistics
She explained in detail the opportunity put in place by Amazon: the possibility of obtaining a loan of 15,000 euros to support entrepreneurs in starting their own delivery company. Providing high-tech machinery, shipping trucks and insurance coverage.

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