Gender equality at work: the EYE program is a huge opportunity for young entrepreneurs

The EU Commission defines “Gender Equality” as promoting equal economic independence for women and men, closing the gender pay gap, advancing gender balance in decision making, ending gender-based violence and promoting gender equality beyond the EU. The topic is so crucial for the EU that a strategy (2020-2025)  to achieve a Union of Equality was proposed by the von der Leyen Commission,  presenting policy objectives and actions to make significant progress by 2025 towards a gender-equal Europe. The goal is a Union where women and men, girls and boys, in all their diversity, are free to pursue their chosen path in life, have equal opportunities to thrive, and can equally participate in and lead our European society.

AssoDonna, an Italian non-profit organization that promotes the development of female entrepreneurship, equal employment opportunities and empowerment of women, is particularly active on this issue. The organization has recently implemented a series of digital events aimed at supporting female entrepreneurship. Among these, the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs endorsed by Skillman was invited to deliver a presentation on May 27th. The webinar illustrated the great opportunities that the program offers young women entrepreneurs to gain experience abroad, develop business ideas, get familiar with foreign markets, with the economic support of the European Commission. Among the topics covered in the webinar, Gender Equality was the most central and cross-cutting, highlighting even more how the issue is necessarily relevant and urgent. 

The webinar was delivered by:

  • Valentina De Vico and Luca Guardincerri representing Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE), endorsed by the CSCS.
  • Assia La Rosa: a former host entrepreneur of the EYE program, now founder of an innovative Start-up
  • Francesca Grano: a young entrepreneur who shared her experience abroad with the audience

Did you miss the event? More info here (only in Italian).

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