Other services for young businesses


While many economic development efforts focus on very early stages, businesses often need help during their 2nd year of activity. The “economic gardening approach” provides technical assistance to companies with 1 to 10 employees during the last semester of the first year and all through the second year of activity with the aim to help companies grow lager and create more jobs. This can include:

  • marketing strategies
  • networking
  • technology scouting
  • increasing productivity and efficiency
  • cooperation agreements / intercompany business, networks of companies
  • further mentoring by an experienced entrepreneur , etc.

Contact our team to learn more about the consulting services offered by CSCS:

  • Dott. Stefano Tirati – stefano (at) cscs.it
  • Dott.ssa A. Sarateanu – anna.sarateanu (at) cscs.it