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Agnès Goux

  Direction de la Formation Lyon Chamber of Commerce France CSCS are really good partners, with a high level of experience and expertise in their field of activities as well as reliable partners. In the 3 Leonardo projects under which we corporated, they gave a real added value to the project and the partnership […]

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Göran Sjöberg

European Minds’ Sweden We have been collaborating with CSCS over the years and we are planning to continue to do so – the staff and management at CSCS always deliver with quality and demonstrate high competence…

Liisa Metsola

Development manager Project coordinator Keskuspuisto Vocational Institute Helsinki, Finland Keskuspuisto Vocational Institute in Helsinki, Finland has co-operated with Gruppo CSCS since 2004.  We have found Gruppo CSCS a very reliable and cooperative partner.  Their expertise in vocational education and training as well as various research activities is first-class. We hope to be able to […]

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Petra Buse

  project manager fms Gesellschaft für Unternehmensberatung mbh Bonn, Germany   As a German management consultancy fms has shared two years of experience in working together with CSCS. In the European co-operation project ‘empowering employees to manage their outplacement process’[emop], funded by LEONARDO DA VINCI, CSCS was a very strong partner. As the most […]

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Marijo Irastorza

  European Project Manager Cebanc-Cdea San Sebastián, Spain The School Cebanc-Cdea of San Sebastián, in Spain, is cooperating with CSCS from the year 2003 in the development of pilot projects within the Leonardo da Vinci Programme. The experience is being so positive, that we have decided ourselves not only to continue in this direction […]

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Anja Neubig

  Project manager and laywer EBG Europäisches Bildungswerk für Beruf und Gesellschaft gGmbH Magdeburg, Germany Since 2003 we are collaboraring with CSCS in the Leonardo da Vinci project “BLIND” funded by the EU with a transnational partnership of Hungarian, Italian and German partners. CSCS was always an excellent and very reliable partner for EBG […]

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Agnieszka GolczyDska-Grondas

  Institute of Sociology University of Lodz, Poland I was cooperating with CSCS within the Leonardo da Vinci project which lasted three last years. I must say that I am impressed by the high level of professional abilities and creativity of Stefano Tirati who was the representative of his institution in our international team. […]

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Gheorghe Avram

Vicerector The Academy for Computer Assisted Technical Sciences, Economics, Law and Administration – AISTEDA Alba Iulia, Romania We come back some years ago. A new project … new hopes …a new team … new ideas: PELLEA (Portfolio Evaluation in Life Long Learning Improving Employabbility of Adult Learners) ( project. This was the times when I meet CSCS […]

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Daniele Quiriconi

General Secretary CGIL Pistoia Italy I’m Daniele Quiriconi, leader of CGIL Pistoia, a Tuscany trade union with 36.000 affiliates.We are related to CSCS with friendship and a formal agreement to carry out different trainings and research activities. CSCS has characterized himself for the design and research quality and thanks to its wide international network, operating […]

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Amos Fabbri

Regional Coordinator INCA CGIL TOSCANA – patronage Florence, Italy From nearly 10 years the Patronage INCA CGIL Toscana has dealings with CSCS, who has been entrusted of various assignments of technical advising and trainings with totally turns out to complete INCA satisfactory.  About CSCS I have been personally able to appreciate, beyond to the […]

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