Skillman was presented to the Annual ECVET Forum in Rotterdam

The Annual ECVET Forum, held on 20-21 June 2019, involved about 150 policy makers and practitioners with experience in using ECVET in inspiring activities and dynamic exchange of ideas.

Skillman was presented as one of the three keynote speeches that opened the event as an example of how industrial and manufacturing sectors are preparing for the needs of the labour market of the future.

During the plenary session, the Skillman representative Giovanni Crisonà, besides presenting the network currently composed of 450 members from 50 countries, introduced to the audience the Skillman ‘high-skills ecosystem’, its inclusive model of skills anticipation and the tailored units of learning outcomes based on ECVET principles. These units of learning outcomes can be used by the Skillman members in all countries to design training that prepares learners for jobs in the advanced manufacturing sector.


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