Initiative on the prevention of online sexual harassment

CSCS is working on the prevention of violence against children, young people and women. The commitment of the center in this research line has led to the elaboration of a project proposal on the prevention of online sexual harassment through awareness in schools on gender stereotypes in collaboration with a team composed of different professional profiles (researchers, trainers, legal and gender experts).

The initiative comes up from the observation of a serious lack of precautionary measures and methods of intervention in schools with respect to the risks of sexual and homophobic harassment. To fill this gap the project aims to design and provide a set of tools to help schools and university departments to assess their own awareness and policies on sexual harassment. The output of the assessment will bring to custom recommendations to design and improve better policies both to prevent and react to sexual harassment behaviours, perpetrated by both students and school or university staff.

 The proposal carried out in collaboration with the University of Florence (Italy), Associazione Rosaceleste (Italy), Psytel (France), Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (Greece), University of Tartu (Estonia) and Women’s Support and Information Center NPO (Estonia) was submitted in June under the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme.

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