Two aspiring chefs from Spain selected by the project Tourism for Vet find a job in Pistoia.

Italymobility, one of the learning mobility initiatives of CSCS, has generated job opportunities for its interns. The initiative, addressed to give a concrete response to the need for highly skilled workers, has been successful for a small group of aspiring chefs from Spain which did their internship in different restaurants of Pistoia.

ItalymobilityJavier Legido Lozano, one of them, was hired after his training by the restaurant Magno Gaudio. About his amazing experience he tells: ‘One year ago I received an email from La Fundación Cruzcampo in which I was informed that I won grant.

My internship started in the restaurant Magno Gaudio of Pistoia. I still remember my first day with Maurizio, the Chef and owner of the restaurant. Maurizio is an highly professional man who loves his job. I would say that his dishes show all his passion for cooking. Exchanging ideas, flavors, cooking methods and new recipes we soon became good friends…finally, a month before the end of my internship I received a proposal: Maurizio asked me to remain and work for him in the restaurant. My dream came true! I like Italy, its culture and its food and the grant represented a great opportunity to grow professionally in a place that I have always loved.’

Likewise Victor Perez Torrejon after a successful internship in the restaurant ‘La Bottegaia’ was hired by the bar ‘Que tapas amigo’ a new project led by a young team of cooks.

Victor says ‘When I was starting to learn italian and getting to know the local culture I did not want to go back to Spain yet. I wanted to take care of myself and leave the comfort zone. I learned a lot since we opened the last August and of course I have more responsibility than in my training period. I have to thank CSCS for giving us this opportunity. It is an experience that not everyone has the chance to do.’

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