has been inaugurated in Pistoia has been inaugurated the past 5 December 2016 in Pistoia.
The event was a huge success. It was attended by representatives of schools and professionals, well-known local entrepreneurs, banks, cooperatives and associations. The feedback from participants has been brilliant. In addition, the participation of citizens was wide and higher than expected.
Start-ups both underway and in an early stage also participated in the initiative and attended the presentation of the grant of 140.000 € addressed to them. New entrepreneurs were curious about the services provided by the incubator, especially the innovation support and the promotion of new businesses.
The inauguration also drew groups of youngsters with new planning ideas, aspiring chefs and web applications experts interested in the services of the incubator.
On the occasion of the European Vocational Skills Week, the event included also the presentation of the project that involves CSCS with a network of leading organizations, including Jaguar Land Rover, Fiat Research Centre (CRF) of Turin and SAS, Scandinavian Airlines Systems, in cooperation with research centres and accreditation and regulatory bodies.
The initiative was considered critical for the economic development of the territory by all the organizations involved.

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