The network expresses its concern about the proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the council

The network, joined by more than 300 EU organisations, expresses its concern about the nonsensical idea to cancel sending and coordinating structures.

The network that play a major role in giving opportunities for mobility considers that this approach will make things more difficult, especially for the beneficiaries, and will expose youngsters to possible dangers with any third part able to monitor and help.

According to network, the proposal laying down the legal framework of the European Solidarity Corps and amending Regulations could have a huge negative impact and hopes for its reconsideration since:

  1. the role of the intermediary organisations has to be reinforced instead of cancelled and integrated in the ESC legal system,
  2. the intermediary organisations can provide: information, recruitment and matching process, preparation and training, on going assistance and monitoring and post-placement support,
  3. the e-learning solutions have to be complementary for the training and can not replace the live face to face learning experience,
  4. the geographical scope of the ESC should be extended to include partner countries.

The synergy among sending, receiving and coordinating organisations may create the best volunteering experience for youngsters. The new rules of ESC can generate different problems: first of all, without the work of promotion and assistance of sending and coordinating organisations, there can be a decrease of the number of the youngsters reached and informed upon ESC and no assistance in the application. This can happen especially among youngsters in particular condition of isolation and disease. Secondly, the role of the sending organisations is also following the volunteers during their service, in the case of conflicts and problems. The suppression of sending organisations will have the consequence of not properly accompanying the volunteer during his service. Thirdly, there won’t be activities of promotion and information to new potential receiving organisations and these ones can’t be accompanied and helped in the accreditation process.

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