Robot cluster in Slovenia

Skillman members work together to establishing a robot cluster in rural Slovenia

A group of Skillman network’s members composed of Ubiquity Robotics (US), accent (AT), IRIS Research Institute (IT) and CSCS (IT) together with a team of experienced entrepreneurs and technologists elaborates a concept note on the creation of a robot cluster in rural Slovenia.
The goal of the proposal will be to provide a venue for entrepreneurial teams to start their companies revitalizing also the physical environment of a rural village undergoing abandonment. Rural Slovenia seems to be a perfect location to host a robot cluster for its strong metalworking and tool-making tradition as well as deep technical capabilities in electronics and software.
The proposal is highly innovative in terms of content and potential to generate employment opportunities.
The identification of the most suitable physical space for start-ups to work with scale-up manufacturing facilities will be accompanied by the development of courses to provide founders with the technical skills to build their own robot startup and the dissemination of activities to enable others to follow in the established footsteps.

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