Medmobility pre-selected among 196 projects

Medmobility, the project for Scaling Up Youth Mobility for Employment Across the Mediterranean Sea” submitted in July under the call of the ENI CBC-MED programme, has been admitted to Step 2 of the evaluation process.

The project aims at promoting the mobility of NEETs and young workers through the strengthening of the Mediterranean VET (Vocational Education and Training) sector and job guidance services network.

The Public-Private partnership involves 4 EU Countries: CSCS – Centro Studi “Cultura Sviluppo” (Italy), PACA Pôle emploi Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (France), IED Institute for Entrepreneurship Development (Greece) and Local Development Agency and Employment of the Cartagena City Council and Arco Latino (Spain), and 5 MP Countries: El Space (Tunisia), AASTMT research center (Egypt), NCRD National Center for Research and Development (Jordan), Partners for Sustainable Development (Palestine) and Lebanese Development Network (Lebanon).

The proposal boasts also the participation of a strong network of “associate partners” including public authorities, Universities, and training agencies, business association and reference networks such as

The project proposal was selected by a Joint Monitoring Committee composed of representatives of the 14 countries participating in the ENI CBC Med Programme among other 195 projects.

Under the project’s priority A.3.1, a total of 8 proposals have been pre-selected, and Medmobility lays in the second position obtaining the best score for Quality of Design among all the proposals.


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