Virtual Mobility: A new opportunity for personal growth

As technology continues to advance, teleworking has become more and more common in a variety of industries in the market.

Indeed, the number of remote jobs has increased in every industry, given the benefits it offers to both companies and employees and, in the long run, to the environment.

Wherever it’s happening, remote-working policies across Europe have already started to reshape the way businesses operate.

Armed with an abundance of messaging and video-conferencing software, distributed teams must learn how best to communicate with their distant colleagues, so new company protocols are organically emerging as teams begin to work remotely and between countries.


In this phase of uncertainty where the COVID-19 crisis has shaken everybody’s world, CSCS, which has been providing incoming mobility to Italy for around 18.000 work placement-learners days per year, has recently launched a new solution, called Virtual Mobility, with the aim of offering continuity of practical learning during educational disruptions. 

The virtual programme is flexible in length and takes place online, through a professional software that allows constant monitoring activities by a personal tutor. 

The job roles that are offered in the programme comprise a very large range of activities, including graphic designer, journalist, bookkeeper, administrative, marketer, product consultant, branding expert, sales manager, software developer and many more. The same job role can be implemented in different areas.

IMY virtual Mobility, unlike other platforms, offers internships in the most desirable Italian economic sectors, such as architecture, design, tourism, craftsmanship, Italian cuisine, fashion and design, home decor etc, adding an extra value to the student’s experience. 

Indeed, we believe that what we call “The Italian Excellence” contributes to create a special path for professional growth and an opportunity to broaden horizons, absorb the value of arts and culture, and understand the importance of combining the traditional practices with innovation.

The communication within the Virtual Mobility programme is managed with two different tools for webinars and distance learning. The monitoring practices are strictly aimed at evaluating targets in terms of skills and competencies and include working productivity and efficiency to fulfill tasks and assignments, leading remote meetings, collaborating with colleagues remotely, using and implementing reporting software, developing a multi-tasking approach etc..

The trainee has the opportunity to meet daily with the IMY tutor, who provides mentoring support on the work placement and other matters. In addition, during the internship, IMY's staff is always at the trainee's disposal to provide all the necessary assistance, from understanding the tasks to defining and forecasting objectives or interacting with the tutor and the hosting company's workers.

An evaluation Certificate of Excellence in Vocational Training for having implemented a successful learning experience with the support of the Italymobility European Initiative is awarded at the end of the placement. The document, in line with Europass Mobility criteria, is based on the results of professional questionnaires along with the evaluations from the company’s tutor and by IMY's staff. 

After having received a high number of requests to participate and great feedback about the program, we strongly recommend Virtual Mobility as an opportunity for professional and human development. Indeed, we have noticed how this new way of working helps students develop complementary skills to the ones related to physical mobility that we have been offering for 14 years. 

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