Iniciatives against Stereotypes

CSCS as a skills innovation hub is currently engaged in two new initiatives addressed to the fight against stereotypes: ‘Together Against Stereotypes’ and ‘Training without stereotypes’.

The first initiative, ‘Together Against Stereotypes’ involves 9 organisations: CSCS – Centro Studi Cultura Sviluppo (Italy), ASTERI (Greece), CGFS (Italy), Xeracion (Spain), VCS (North Macedonia), ASDA (Finland), LIDOSK (Turkey), Abuplus (Germany), Anmima Viventem (Portugal) and CBG (Spain).

The project proposal, submitted under the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme, aims at establishing a new sustainable network of youth organisations working on projects against stereotypes and promoting the inclusion of disadvantaged groups of young people. Mobility experiences for young workers will be also carried out to enhance personal skills and stereotypes awareness.

The second initiative ‘Training without stereotypes’, involves 5 organization: CSCS, ASTERI, VCS, Xeracion and CGFS and is aimed at young workers, young people victims of stereotypes-based and gender-based violence, disadvantaged young people, asylum-seekers, refugees, LGBTIQ persons, ethnic minorities, disabled and disadvantaged women.

The main goal of the project is to prevent gender violence among young people and create digital innovative resources for the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities.

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