CSCS and Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO) signed a cooperation protocol under the EM IX project

The bilateral agreement among CSCS and ATO has been signed under the Framework Partnership Agreement (2017-2021) of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme.

ATOAnkara Chamber of Commerce (ATO) is one of the biggest Chambers in Turkey, with around 170.000 registered businesses and plays a leading role in promoting and supporting entrepreneurship across the country. ATO provides support to SMEs in 46 different sectors varying from energy, machinery and metals, cosmetics, information technologies, telecommunications, tourism, logistics, automotive industry and so forth via 68 committees that actively engage with the SMEs. Through media, press and its website, ATO reaches 5.000.000 residents in metropolitan borders of Ankara.
ATO is also member of Entrepreneurs Mobility Consortium within Cycle 7 and 8.

The agreement sets a number of goals for ATO concerning the exchange between Turkish and European entrepreneurs. ATO indeed is expected to support 31 successful relationship, involving 6 Host Entrepreneurs and 25 New Entrepreneurs.
The European partnership Entrepreneurs’ Mobility, coordinated by CSCS, envisages to carry out a total of 380 business exchanges in a period of 24 months.
This volume of exchanges will allow 200 young entrepreneurs from the partner countries to go abroad for a period ranging from a minimum of one to a maximum of six months. The purpose is to acquire entrepreneurial and management skills by collaborating with an experienced host entrepreneur.

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