The project meeting of Caronte: an useful opportunity to talk about the European learning standards for training

CSCS participated in the meeting of the Caronte project, held the past 31 of January, 2018 in Finland at DIMECC (Digital, Internet, Materials and Engineering Co-Creation).

The presentation of Giovanni Crisonà (CSCS) on the new priorities for european cooperation on education and training is available here:

The meeting has been a good opportunity to identify the European learning standards that will be applied to the project’s deliverables and analyze the results of the survey carried out by the project partners and many additional companies throughout Europe.

The company that hosted the event is a leading breakthrough-oriented co-creation ecosystem that speeds up time to market making R&D&I professionals, organizations, shareholders and co-creation facilitators meet.

Caronte is expected to have an impact on digital competencies within SMEs, the accessibility to information, the implementation of a collaborative culture within companies and the reduction of the time-to-market of upcoming innovative products.

These results will be reached through the design, piloting and dissemination within companies (that operate in the raw materials sector and that focus their activities on recycling a substitution themes) of innovative approaches and strategies in retrieving, effectively organizing and properly sharing (among colleagues) scientific and technical information regarding the science and innovation frontiers, in order to speed up the time-to-market of innovative products.

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