“The Emergence of Eurocitizens” by Franck Biancheri has been reprented by the AAFB in partnership with Editions Anticipolis.

The AAFB in partnership with Editions Anticipolis is delighted to announce a reprint of the “Little Blue Book” (better known as “The Emergence of Eurocitizens”) written by Franck Biancheri.

This book offers an original perspective on the recent history of European integration through the creation and development of the first European student network, AEGEE-EUROPE in 1985. The pages of the book also illuminate the meandering European Community decision-making process by telling the true story of the complex adoption of ERASMUS, the first large scale European programme addressing young people, in which AEGEE-Europe played a decisive role. The book is also an original testimony on the real impact European citizens can have on the European construction process… when they know how to organise themselves as Eurocitizens!
The book is available (in paper and numeric formats) in french, english, romanian languages on Anticipolis website & Amazone.

The AAFB (Association des Amis de Franck Biancheri) was created in 2012 after Franck Biancheri passed away. Founder of AEGEE-Europe, considered asone of the “ERASMUS Fathers”, he made bluebook
it possible for ERASMUS to exist: His success in influencing the EU Council’s negotiations on the ERASMUS programme, ensuring its approval, has radically transformed more than 3 million students’ lives on our continent and remains a living legend of how a student challenged a whole Union and thrived. Today, the AAFB and its members lend all their support to develop political actions based on Franck Biancheri’s commitments such as the continuation of his work on Euroland democratisation, European Union… and keep on developping the organizations he created (LEAP,FEFAP, IRPA, GEAB, NewropeansMagazine).

To support the launch of this book, the AAFB recently created a facebook page entitled: “Citizen History of the ERASMUS programme” (www.facebook.com/CitizenHistoryoftheERASMUSprogramme). This page tells in pictures and through testimonies, photos, videos, unpublished anecdotes… the true story of ERASMUS and the role european students played in the adoption process.

CSCS, as an active member of Europe Mobility, supports this project by broadcasting this information within its network.

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