skillman @ the ‘journée de la recherche Ingénierie & Architecture’ in Switzerland

The 10 of October, 2018 Giovanni Crisoná visited the international fair: ‘journée de la recherche Ingégnerie & Architecture‘ organised by the ‘Haute École d’Ingénerie et d’Architecture’ in Fribourg, Switzerland to understand better the state of the art in the technological research in Fribourg and to discuss about ongoing and further collaborations among and Hes SO – ‘Haute École d’Ingénerie et d’Architecture’ .

The skillman team and the team of the ‘Technology for Human Wellbeing Institute’ are currently working to a new digital tool for the on the job training, that would introduce the digital video technology, the mobile technology and the augmented reality in an integrated solution designed for dynamic workplaces with fast-changing social and material environments.

During the two days visit in Switzerland Mr Crisonà met various members of the Hes SO, like Elena Mughellini, Head of HumanTech Institute, Maurizio Caon and Leonardo Angelini, Professors at the ‘Haute École d’Ingénerie et d’Architecture’ in Fribourg and also Christine Pirinoli, Vice-rectrice Recherche et Innovation of the ‘Haute Ecole Specialisée de Suisse occidentale’.

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