EYE was presented in the Hamburg Reeper Bahn Music Festival

The opportunities provided by EYE to enhance a business was presented in the panel ‘Explore Europe – Gateways For Funding’ on September, 20th in the Hamburg Reeper Bahn Music Festival.

The panel, targeted at entrepreneurs and companies from the music and tech-industry in Germany and Europe, aimed to provide helpful information on financing programmes that support the creation, setting up and the improvement of existing businesses throughout Europe. In detail, the panel informed potential users on the access schemes for markets, business exchange and networking.

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme was presented by Sadullah Altuntas, Executive Director of ABUPlus International GmbH. Since 2017, Sadullah is the local representative of the EYE Programme. He led the session on EU-funding-measures for business together with Katrin Busche, Adviser, Arbeit und Leben Hamburg, Germany, Rosita Kürbis, Managing Director, Rosita Kürbis, Germany and Lea Stöver, Consultant, Creative Europe Desk KULTUR, Germany.

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