EIT RawMaterials Information & Brokerage Event 2018

The venue took place October 15-16, 2018 in the Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin, Germany where Giovanni Crisonà represented Skillman at the speed-networking session discussing the future projects and the innovative cooperation with various potential partner organisations like the Hub Innovazione Trentino, Siemens AG, the General Council of Chambers of Commerce Catalonia, the New Business Development of Fraunhofer ISC, the HR Development International of EIT RawMaterials – Regional Center Freiberg and others.
The networking was led by Catherine Buonsay and aimed to discuss innovations and technology issues related to the main EIT Rawmaterials topics: the Exploration & Mining, the Mineral and Metallurgical Procession, the Substitution of Critical and Toxic Materials in Products, the Recycling and Design of Products for the Circular Economy.

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