CSCS and Dekaplus signed a cooperation agreement under the EM IX project

The bilateral agreement among CSCS, represented by Giovanni Crisonà, and Dekaplus Business Service Ltd, represented by Christos Nicolaides, has been signed under the Framework Partnership Agreement (2017-2021) of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme.

DekaPlus Business Services is a consulting and professional training company located in Cyprus that facilitates individuals and organizations to achieve sustainable performance improvement. It provides consulting services to businesses, primarily in strategic planning, management development, professional education, subsidy acquisition and European program participation. The company has managed to secure access to services of experts from around the world.

According to the cooperation agreement, Dekaplus will be committed in supporting and facilitating the exchange between local and foreign entrepreneurs.

The number of foreseen exchanges managed by Dekaplus is 35.

The European partnership Entrepreneurs’ Mobility, coordinated by CSCS, shall run for 24 months allowing a total of 380 business exchanges. Young entrepreneurs are expected to acquire entrepreneurial and management skills by collaborating with an experienced host entrepreneur.

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