LEA GAME is a method for teaching, sided by a set of online tools, theoretical references, guide for teachers and concrete board games. It is a creative effective method to be used for CBL – Competence Based Learning approach and is a ‘live’ bank of resources to support it’s Open Community of Trainers. LEA GAME aims to fight the inefficacy of VET methods not centred on CBL approach and/or obsolete.

leagame adulti

LEA GAME METHOD has been developed by Giovanni Crisonà – CSCS and is a based on the creation process and on the use of “Snakes and ladders” or “Chutes and ladders” boardgames (in Italian “Gioco dell’Oca” – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snakes_and_ladders).

LEA GAME METHOD helps and drive the teachers in identify lessons topics and in prepare and organize the classes making students / trainees play, exchange, interact, reflect and learn on the chosen subject.

Currently, LEA GAME RESOURCES already include various subjects like quality assurance, career counselling, selling techniques and more.

Within LGM, the teachers are asked to reflect on a specific subject and are helped with online tools to identify the key concepts and the glossary terms necessary to produce a specific board game related to the chosen argument.

Using the board game and the relative rules, the students / trainees, organized in teams, while rolling the dices and moving forward through the game path, are requested to interact between themselves, give definitions and explain specific concepts on the given subject, take information, discover solutions and concretely act for learn the chosen arguments.

The trainers, during the game phases, have then the opportunity to reinforce concepts and information previously presented within traditional lessons context, or introduce and explain brand new concepts related to the specific area of interest that the players can develop during the game process.

In the existing versions of LEA GAME for career counselling and selling techniques, the progression of the game, as an example, corresponds to the counselling / selling process, phases and actions.


LEA GAME is based on the collaborative learning approach and on the PhyEmoC method (The Physical-Emotional and Cultural method) and additionally to help the concrete learning of concepts and astracts, it stimulates the development of a wide range of competencies such as, among others, team work, public speaking, cognitive learning.




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