Latest opensource technology platform for project management

Based on Only Office, CSCS deployed a cloud solution for project management enables project coordinator and partners to manage documents, projects, team and relations in one place. This online application replace the use of multiple applications to perform different tasks with a single multi-featured system to organize every step of the project work. Improving project partnership productivity and optimizing efforts for project success.


CSCS platform allows users to put together project teams, enter and edit tasks and allocate tasks to individuals. The projects functionality also supports scheduling of milestones, the ability to track tasks and milestones, along with project reporting, across a range of different report types: Problem Tracking Reports, Statistics Reports or Detailed Reports that can be also automatically produced at certain established dates and sent to coordinator and partners.


The community feature is all about bringing teams together and maintaining corporate collaboration through blogs and user forums, where individuals can share different information such as Wiki pages and bookmarks. With the wide range of features offered within the community area, it’s possible to roll out an entire project social network. From setting up a poll, sharing interesting articles, and notifying members  about an important event. Using the Wiki, its easy to organize a corporate knowledge base and, like any social network, a ‘what’s new’ feed shows the recent activity.


A central repository for files and documents is one of the essential features in a collaborative project management application, and CSCS platform offers a real advantage over some competitors in this area. It’s possible to share files between team members, edit online through the included online editor.

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