Europemobility Network International Conference 2014

Europemobility Network International Conference this year focus is on how transnational learning mobility schemes can support NEETs and how mobility may be integrated within ESF and Youth Guarantee measures.

A wide range of key players, such as, among others, the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the Swedish National Employment Agency, the Italian and Finnish National Agencies for Erasmus+, the European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry, will share their innovative programmes, activities and research findings.

Furthermore, Cataluña, Basque, Sardinia and Piedmont Regional Governments will showcase how they have embedded learning mobility within their active measures for youth, employment and education.

The conference promotes synergies and exchange of experiences among policy officers, practitioners and researchers on solutions and methodological approaches adopted across Europe within successful initiatives like:

  • IDA Programme of the German Federal Ministry of Labour, with 148M€ investment
  • UNGA IN of the Swedish National Employment Agency, with 6,5M€ investment
  • Your First EURES Job of DG EMPL, with 5M€ annual investment
  • Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs of DG ENTR, with 4M€ annual investment
  • Youth Guarantee Transnational Measures of Sardinia Government, with 3M€ investment

The conference also keeps an eye on the future, with TLN Mobility Network presenting the characteristics and quality criteria of the coordinated call to be launched by National and Regional ESF authorities within at least 10 Member States specifically addressed to disadvantaged youth and young adults.
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The conference will offer the opportunity to exchange views and formalize recommendations for future activities within the Erasmus+ Programme.

The Conference, under the patronage of Sardinia Regional Government, ISFOL Erasmus+ Italian National Agency and the representation in Italy of the European Commission, offers a unique opportunity, with workshops and multiple interactive sessions, to meet, discuss and actively contribute, sharing experiences and achievements in the field of learning mobility.

During the Conference we will celebrate the Award Ceremony of the 2014 Europemobility Video Contest for Mobile Learners.
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Europemobility Network International Conference is held under the patronage of the representation in Italy of the European Commission, the Regional Autonomous Government of Sardinia and of ISFOL. The conference is co-organized in cooperation with the Regional Employment Agency of the Sardinia Regional Government.

European Commission ISFOL Regione Sardegna - Agenzia Regionale per il Lavoro

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