Chief Executive (founder of the business)

1994 – present

Chief Executive (founder of the business)

Location: Italy

CSCS group of companies / organizations


  • Public relations, negotiations, strategic agreements design and deployment with public and private business partners, clients, providers
  • In charge of total management of the organization, overall direction and various significant individual responsibilities as human resources, accountability, quality management, ICT and finance
  • Responsible to report to the board of directors and advisory
  • Responsible to create, communicate and implement the organization’s vision and mission
  • Project Manager and or Leader in hundreds of local, regional, national and international projects financed by private and public bodies
  • Designer of educational programmes addressed to over 10.000 individuals in EU
  • Designer of educational and e-learning resources for VET
  • Consultant as an international expert in VET
  • Senior expert to design and lead study visits ( for high level stakeholders in both directions: in Italy and from Italy to EU countries

Business or sector

  • Education services and consultant services

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