Skillman will be presented at the European Commission during the European Vocational Skills Week

Skillman will be presented by Giovanni Crisoná and Fabio Croci (CSCS) at the European Business Forum on Vocational Training on Thursday, 8 December. The forum will take place within the European Vocational Skills Week, an international event aimed to improve the attractiveness of vocational education and training, showcase excellence and quality, and raise awareness on a wide range of opportunities.

The agenda will include a series of workshops in which the Skillman’s representatives have been invited to take part:

  • Making apprenticeships attractive – the European Alliance for Apprenticeships,
  • VET : a pathway to excellence – the role of Vocational education and training (VET) and professional higher education (PHE) providers,
  • Mobility in VET and apprenticeships – the value of international experience,
  • Focus on VET research – strengthening the evidence base,
  • Building skills for sectors – the role of Sector Skills Alliances and Councils.

Giovanni Crisoná and Fabio Croci will participate also in the Closing Event on Friday, 9 December.

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