job Radar – TVET initiative

The new project designed in collaboration with MENETP (Madagascar)

The project JOB RADAR – Radar for competences design and training, certification and guidance for the employment of disadvantaged youth in Madagascar was designed in collaboration with the Ministry of National Education and Technical and Vocational Training (Madagascar).
The project aims at improving the employability of young people with the main focus on equal opportunities for access to quality education. In this sense, Job Radar intends to positively influence gender discrimination and the difficulty of access to education for the young people that live in rural areas or in poor economic environments.
The project envisages the implementation of an active method for the continuous identification of sectorial competences needs within the companies. Sectoral curricula developed through the application of the ECVET model and training courses targeted at backing the acquisition of skills and certification are also foreseen.
The participation in the courses enables the youngsters to access later on higher qualification training or the job market.

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