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sturtup is the result of a collaboration among CSCS, an intermediary organization of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme, the schools and the social partners of the territory.  The inauguration, that will be held during the European Vocational Skills Week, represents a good opportunity to launch the incubator’s activities and introduces youngsters and citizens to its services and offer.

The event will include the presentation of the grant of 140,000 Euros addressed to startups located in Pistoia. In addition, a continuing professional education seminar targeted at teachers will be held in collaboration with the association Prometeo Fare Sapere with the aim to improve their capacities in the field of entrepreneurial skills and transition from school to work.

The initiative is promoted in collaboration with the consortium and includes the presentation of the targets and results to citizens and schools.

eye-annuncioing comes up in Pistoia, but it is strongly connected with an international network of organizations and companies linked to Centro Studi Cultura Sviluppo.

The incubator provides services of welcome, advice and support to create and develop companies, enterprises, institutions and innovative start-ups, accelerate their growth and support their innovation.

To fulfill its goals the incubator provides network of services and local resources to support new businesses by offering:

  • the availability of facilities, including real estate to accommodate businesses, organizations, start-ups and innovative spin-offs. Spaces are available to install equipment for testing, inspection or research;
  • the availability of adequated equipment, such as Internet access systems, meeting facilities, equipment for testing or prototypes, servers and software applications;
  • the availability of a personal technical system and managerial permanent counseling.

For its own purposes, the incubator establishes and makes available also:

  • regular working relationships with schools, universities, research centers, public institutions and financial partners, in particular, those that carry out activities and projects related to innovative start-ups;
  • the study and the realization of activities of research, training and dissemination of technologies;
  • the strategic and operational planning of administration and control, organization, integrated logistics, strategic and operational marketing, design and communication.

The incubator excludes the direct exercise of activities reserved by law to professionals enrolled in special registers. However it fulfills all those other commercial, industrial, real estates and financial operations as:

  • the feasibility study, the promotion and realization of contracts of corporate networks, joint ventures, consortia and companies;
  • the management of participation for investment purposes in companies or organizations with analogous or affine objectives.

Collaborations with schools, universities, research centers, institutions, partners

The incubator facilitates the access to the expertise of schools and universities through collaborative and not onerous agreements, with the aim to encourage the contact between start-ups and the education and research sector, and improve the transition from school to work;

The incubator allows start-ups to get in touch with international universities and leading national and international companies for commercial purposes, partnerships, financing.

The incubator acts as an intermediary in the distribution of grants targeted at the young entrepreneurs of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme of the European Commission. Centro Studi Cultura Sviluppo is part of its network of institutions.

The Incubator aims to promote joint initiatives with other incubators and business accelerators, both Italian and foreign.

Transforming the talent in business

The Incubator provides its own physical infrastructure in via Puccini 80, Pistoia, where its main headquartered is. In addition, laboratories and other facilities made available by associated partners are located throughout the municipality.

The incubator performs a careful scouting and mentoring activity through independent initiatives and provides support to the development of the business idea, its test to verify the market opportunities, the creation of a team, the development of an appropriate business plan, the management of international clients and investors.

The incubator supports the creation and development of innovative start-ups and other businesses accelerating their growth and success by providing:

  • an entrepreneurial empowerment program,
  • seeking funding,
  • tutorship,
  • mentorship,
  • an international network,
  • innovative services for the development of creative thinking,
  • access to mobility grants for young entrepreneurs,
  • co-working (modular, flexible and scalable spaces),
  • ict services (infrastructure and applications),
  • administrative, legal, communications and public relations services.

Incubator Coordination Committee

The Incubator has a Coordination Committee composed by representatives of all the partner organizations that are part of it.

The Committee has the following purposes:

  • allow direct flow of information and exchange of ideas,
  • discuss and identify the productive sectors in which to invest the resources available from time to time for startups,
  • scan the requests from the startups, discuss them and link them to the territory and to the international networks,
  • it is a place for project planning and identification of joint initiatives for the promotion and creation of new businesses.



  • Centro Studi Cultura Sviluppo as ‘Business Incubator’ and
  • TKNIKA (Institute of Applied Innovation and Research for Vocational Education and Training) as ‘Business Incubator Partner’.


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