ARACNE+ Training Action in Madrid, October 16-18


CSCS is looking forward to participating in the Training Action on October 16th-18th, 2018, in Madrid, within the framework of ARACNE+ Project, co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

The ARACNE + training action is aimed at job placement advisors and training professionals, providing tools and models totally adapted to groups at risk of exclusion.

ARACNE + provides a practical way to focus on the labor insertion of these groups, well differentiated from the labor insertion model that is applied from public services.

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ARACNE+ is aimed at:

  • Developing the applicability of the ARACNE Model in different contexts,in order to determine:
    – Impact on users
    – The resources necessary for its application
    – Professional profiles of the involved people
    – The necessary organisational structure
    – The time needed to obtain significant results.
  • Produce the resources for the training of trainers specialized in the application of the model, including a training of trainers course.
  • Develop a proposal for professional recognition of the competencies developed through the application of the ARACNE Model.
  • Implement an online learning platform

Expected Results of ARACNE+

  • Online learning Platform
  • Interactive platform to facilitate access to ARACNE MODEL contents and materials
  • Tools for the applicability of the model: programming interactive actions, hypothesis sheet of applicability of the model…
  • Tool for the detection of training actions
  • Structure of the virtual learning environment for teachers
  • Contents for the training materials for teachers
  • Tool kits for teachers.

Specific Curricula, linked to skills of ESCO database

  • Specific training programmes: curricular designs of ARACNE training activities in different contexts and professional profiles.
  • Acquisition of new skills and/or improvement of teaching skills.
  • A team of trainers experts in ARACNE methodology, who will become the future multipliers key agents.
  • Networks and partnerships with government agencies and other social agents involved in the accreditation of competences.

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