LEA GAME is a method for teaching, sided by a set of online tools, theoretical references, guide for teachers and concrete board games. It is a creative effective method to be used for CBL – Competence Based Learning approach and is a ‘live’ bank of resources to support it’s Open Community of Trainers. LEA GAME […]

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Cards for discussing

This method has been created by Giovanni Crisonà – CSCS Italy, in 1995, to help teaching health and safety in vocational training courses and then has been extended to any other situation where it was necessary to ask to a group of people, to discuss a subject and to reach sharing opinions or just to […]

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Chief Executive (founder of the business)

1994 – present Chief Executive (founder of the business) Location: Italy CSCS group of companies / organizations Responsibilities Public relations, negotiations, strategic agreements design and deployment with public and private business partners, clients, providers In charge of total management of the organization, overall direction and various significant individual responsibilities as human resources, accountability, quality […]

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