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CSCS is a research institute active in the field of labour and pedagogic innovation, as well as in the promotion of transnational cooperation on technical education and training.


Located in hearth of Tuscany, in the north-centre of Italy, CSCS is appointed by the European Commission as a Lead Intermediary Organisation of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs network, the latest new cross-border business exchange European programme and is formally accredited by Tuscany Regional Government as a Vocational Training and Centre.


CSCS operates under a Quality Assurance System ISO Vision 9001 for: “design and supply of vocational training courses: compulsory education, further education, higher and continuous training, apprenticeship. Design and supply of mobility educational programmes (study visits and work placements) (EA37)”. CSCS Quality Management Assurance System is certified by TUV.


CSCS is the Italian National Representative and Member of Executive Team of EFVET, the European Forum for Vocational Education and Training, based in Brussels with over 1500 members of all over the world.



  The main objective of the project is to design […]

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Project management

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Research & Development

Since 1994 CSCS has dedicated his efforts in establishing bridges […]

E-Learning and Publishing

CSCS has developed since 1997 e-learning solutions for Italian and […]

Transnational learning mobility is the CSCS brand for transnational learning mobility initiatives. […]

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