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Programma ACT – Azioni di sostegno per l’attuazione sul territorio delle politiche del lavoro. Guida incentivi all’assunzione e alla creazione d’impresa Aggiornamento al 1 luglio 2017   FIRENZE – Pubblicato sul Bollettino Ufficiale della Regione Toscana, il bando finanziato dal POR FESR 2014-2020 per agevolare la nascita di nuove imprese giovanili, femminili e di destinatari di […]

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Speech at UMYOS symposium to present for ‘The Role of Vocational Schools in Regional Development’

Four hundred participants from 15 countries joined the 4th International UMYOS – Vocational Schools Symposium organized by Yalova Vocational School, under the umbrella of University of Yalova, in May 21st, 22nd and 23rd 2015, at RİZOM Resort in Yalova City, TURKEY. UMYOS’15 purpose was to join academic and industrial sector knowledge to identify benefits for schools, […]

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Speech at the Seminar on ‘NEETs and Second Chance Opportunities’ – Miramar Palace San Sebastian

Earlall – European Association of Regional and Local Authorities for Lifelong Learning organised a seminar on NEETs and Second Chance Opportunites on 6th May 2015, from 12.00 to 14.00 at Miramar Palace, Donostia – San Sebastian. The Seminar, organized in combination with the General Assembly of the association, was meant to be the moment to […]

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Visit at Ankara Chamber of Commerce to prepare October 2015 conferences

Explorative meeting in Ankara to identify a potential location and an attempting programme for EUMN / CB4LLP and potential conferences  in October 2015 in Turkey. Togheter with Mr Murat Fatsa, Projects & European Union Department Manager, Mr Sadullah Altuntas, General Manager of Provest Consulting  and Mr Fatih Demir and Mr Harun Mercan Assistant Managers of the Projects & European Union Department.

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Launched EURehabChildren Project with the first partner meeting in Turkey | 26 – 27/03/2015


The EURehabChildren Project, coordinated by Provest Consulting, is a research Project in the field of Vocational Education and Training aimed to establish an integrated approach towards Rehabilitation of Victim and Offender Children.  The research aims to offer an integrated and innovative training and teaching method for professionals of rehabilitation services, which will finally help to […]

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Agnès Goux


  Direction de la Formation Lyon Chamber of Commerce France CSCS are really good partners, with a high level of experience and expertise in their field of activities as well as reliable partners. In the 3 Leonardo projects under which we corporated, they gave a real added value to the project and the partnership […]

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Liisa Metsola


Development manager Project coordinator Keskuspuisto Vocational Institute Helsinki, Finland Keskuspuisto Vocational Institute in Helsinki, Finland has co-operated with Gruppo CSCS since 2004.  We have found Gruppo CSCS a very reliable and cooperative partner.  Their expertise in vocational education and training as well as various research activities is first-class. We hope to be able to […]

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